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Manaus-Aquarium Octocil

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Manaus-Aquarium OCTOCIL is a supplement for freshwater fish

Pharmaceutical form: Drug solution for adding to the aquarium water.

Composition of active ingredient per mg ml: 5­Nitrothiazol­2­ylamin 81, 3,9­Diamin­7­ethoxy­ acridinium­(RS)­lactat 1,5

Applications: Intestinal live in anaerobic environments (while deprived of oxygen) in the fish intestine. Intestinal OCTOCIL effectively treated as Cryptobia, Hexamita, Protoopalina, Spironucleus, trichomonas, etc., and the formation of holes appearing in the sequence, especially in the head region in Cichlids (tilapia). Due to this fact, the disease also hole disease (eg hole of discus fish disease) called. By the mass occurrence of intestinal parasites, nutrients are removed from the intestine and there is a lack of supply and movement of infected animals in the mineral, which leads to the dissolution of cartilage.

Disease symptoms: The signs of a disease caused by the above parasites are primarily the elimination of white, slimy mud, darkening of the skin and nervousness. Generally provide a diseased fish feed intake.
It is important to treat the fish as quickly as possible while recognizing the above symptoms, thus a further weakening of the animals is prevented by the parasite.
If possible, a microscopic examination will be used for diagnosis.

Important! OCTOCIL is well tolerated by the fish.

Precautions: OCTOCIL must not be used in combination with other drugs. If your fish have been previously treated with another drug, a large water change should be made prior to treatment.
Pay attention to the quality of water in your tank and reduce regular water changes, the organic load of the aquarium water by chemical degradation products.
Very dirty filters should be cleaned before treatment, let the filter of the aquarium during treatment ever! UV lamps must be switched off during treatment.
During treatment of the aquarium with OCTOCIL shall not active filter media (eg, activated carbon, phosphate removers, etc.) are used in the filter to prevent interactions with bound pollutants.
Ion exchange (eg for nitrate removal, etc.) during treatment with OCTOCIL out of the water cycle of the aquarium to remove.
As with all supplement treatments of ornamental fish in the aquarium immediately in case of complications related to discontinuation of treatment with a large OCTOCIL water changes are made in the aquarium and the manufacturer will be informed.
Dosage and application: Use the dosage of the pack OCTOCIL the enclosed measuring cup and distribute the drug and distribute the drug on the surface. Then mix the aquarium water by stirring with the drug.

1ml auf 20 liters aquariumwater

On 6 Day is completed the treatment and it must be a large water change of at least minimum of 60% of aquarium water.
An increasing improvement usually occurs after 2 to 3 days from the start of treatment. Now it is important to move for the success of treatment the animals back to the food intake so that the GI (gastrointestinal) tract of diseased fish is moving again. Through water treatment, food intake was achieved OCTOCIL then even better the pathogen. Offer your fish at their favorite food. In the subsequent days after the completed treatment, the disease symptoms disappear yet.

After a rest period of one week in stubborn cases, treatment may be repeated. Before a new treatment again a change of water from 60% in the aquarium should be carried out.

In the ornamental fish farming, it is useful to newcomers and parents before preparing to spawn to handle in the breeding aquarium.

Young fish can also be treated with OCTOCIL.

In the rearing of juvenile fish is important to ensure utmost hygiene to new infections by infected fish and aquariums to prevent infected!

Like all supplements, may OCTOCIL not be overdosed.

Weakened by disease may be more susceptible animals.

Contraindications and side effects: OCTOCIL is a new product and is well tolerated. There are no known side effects.
The ornamental fish holder is encouraged to communicate anypreviously unknown side effect of a veterinarianor pharmacist and the manufacturer.

Special warnings:
Keep away from children!
Irritating to eyes. After eye contact rinse the eyes for several minutes under running water.
Do not use in animals intended for food use.
Store in the original packaging and protect from light and heat, and frost.
Supplement should not be used beyond the expiration date.
OCTOCIL can work coloring.
Please note that we provide the latest informationabout our product OCTOCIL and updated patientinformation leaflets to download on the website and www.manaus­ for the application of OCTOCIL ready.

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