All the fish available here are bred by us and adapted to city tap water.

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Aquarium Design, Manufacture, Installation

Amazonia Tropical Fish+Plants have created some of the most stylish and luxury bespoke built aquariums and fish tanks in the country. We are experts in designing, manufacturing and installing aquariums.

Aquarium Maintenance Services

With our experience in the business and nationwide coverage we are one of the foremost aquarium and fish tank maintenance companies in Philadelphia.

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Specialists In Custom Fish Tanks, Luxury Aquarium Design, Installation And Maintenance.

Amazonia Tropical Fish+Plants prides itself on their depth of knowledge, quality of service and a tailored approach to luxury aquarium design. We work closely with interior designers, architects and engineers to provide the highest standard in design. Providing an extensive variety of services, Amazonia Tropical Fish+Plants has cemented its position as the industry leader in custom fish tank design.

Clients About Us

“Amazing fish and plants! Love the quality and care they put into their products. Highly recommended. 🐠🌿”

Goodfrey Godwin

“The best place for unique fish! I’m a repeat customer and never disappointed. Thank you, Amazonia!”

Matthew Shaw

“Amazonia is a gem. Their commitment to sustainability and quality is truly impressive. Can’t recommend enough!”

Richard Eaton

Our Team

Arek Szura

Arek Szura


His passion for the business has led him to complete many prestigious designs to a demanding and exceptional
standard on the national and international stage.

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Fishes and More: Building a captivating underwater world

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Different aquariums for different ideas

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Looking for aquarium specialists?
Looking for aquarium specialists?

Looking for Aquarium Specialists? Trust Amazonia Fish+Plants for Expert Guidance Are you a passionate aquarium enthusiast, a beginner seeking guidance, or simply someone looking to take your aquatic hobby to the next level? Amazonia Fish+Plants is your one-stop destination for all your aquarium needs. As your trusted aquarium specialists, we provide not only top-quality products but also expert guidance to…


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