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Manaus-Aquarium Bilocil

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Manaus-Aquarium BILOCIL® is a solution for adding to aquarium water.

Composition of active ingredients in mg per ml: Praziquantel (praziquantelum) 55, Rafoxanide (rafoxanidum) 0.8.

Pharmaceutical company: Manaus-Aquarium, Rügnerstrasse 73, D-64319 Pfungstadt, Germany

Applications: BILOCIL® is effective against fluke infections caused by monogenean parasites (dactylogyrus, gyrodactylus) on the skin and gills of fish. BILOCIL® is also effective against trematodes and tapeworms in the intestines of fish. BILOCIL® is a new supplement and was developed for discus fish. With one treatment cycle of BILOCIL® it is now possible to rid the fish permanently of the parasites. Infections with monogenea are often responsible for mass death in young discus fish.

Disease symptoms: Indications of disease caused by parasites such as skin and gill flukes are scraping movements on objects and on the bottom of the aquarium. Gill flukes can cause one-sided breathing (only one gill cover moves) amongst other things and pushing the mouth forward in a movement similar to human yawning. In general, diseased fish stop feeding, clamp their fins together and are easily startled. It is important to treat the fish as quickly as possible when the abovementioned symptoms are spotted so that any further weakening of the animals by the parasites is prevented. If possible, a microscopic examination should be performed to confirm the diagnosis.

Important! Many fish and crustaceans tolerate BILOCIL® very well. It has been observed that young fish below the age of 3 months, Loricariidae and Corydoras may exhibit a sensitive reaction to the supplement BILOCIL®. In this case BILOCIL® sensitive must be used to treat the fish. No studies have yet been carried out on the treatment of freshwater stingrays (potamotrygonidae).

Precautionarymeasures: Pay attention to the water quality in your aquarium and reduce the organic pollution of the aquarium water from biological and chemical by-products by changing the water regularly. Very dirty filters should be cleaned before treatment, always keep the aquarium filter running during treatment! As with all treatments, the fish must be monitored regularly and carefully during the course of treatment in order for treatment to be broken off by a major water change should complications arise deriving from the specific set-up of the user or errors in use, which cannot be predicted.

Interaction with other supplements and other forms of interaction: BILOCIL® should not be used in combination with other supplements. If your fish have been treated with another supplement beforehand, then a major water change must be undertaken before treatment. During treatment, UV lamps must always be turned off and oxidators removed (hydrogen peroxide). Whilst treating the aquarium with BILOCIL® no active filter agents (e.g.: activated carbon, phosphate remover, etc.) may be used in the filter in order to prevent reactions with bonded contaminants. Ion- exchangers (e.g. for removing nitrates, etc.) must be removed from the water circulation system of the aquarium during treatment with BILOCIL®.

Dosage and application: During treatment, the aquarium’s filter must be switched on and a good circulation of the water in the tank must be ensured so that the supplement can be optimally distributed throughout the aquarium. It is important that you give the right dose of BILOCIL®, to do this you need to know the precise size of your aquarium. For a rectangular tank the following applies: height(cm) x width(cm) x depth(cm) = litre 1000.

If your aquarium is of a special design (e.g. polygon, domed panes of glass, stones reduce the volume, etc.), find out the cubic capacity of your aquarium from the manufacturer. The size of the tank being treated should not be less than 40 litres in volume or greater than 1000 litres. BILOCIL® rids your fish of the parasites within a few hours. So that your fish remain free of parasites in the long term, the sexually mature adults still developing must also be killed in the days after the first treatment to break the link in the chain of reproductive proliferation. For this reason BILOCIL® has to be used several times. Use the measuring cup contained in the BILOCIL® pack and distribute the supplement well by stirring on the surface. For gill flukes (Dactylogyrus sp., egg-laying) and intestinal worms such as tapeworms and flatworms (cestodes and digean trematodes) the following treatment plan applies: 1st day 1 ml to 20 litres aquarium water 3rd day 1 ml to 20 litres aquarium water 5th day 1 ml to 20 litres aquarium water.

The water is not to be changed between these treatments. After 7 days the treatment is complete and 50% of the water in the aquarium should be changed. For skin flukes (Gyrodactylus sp., viviparous) a one-off treatment with BILOCIL® is sufficient. Treatment in this case is as follows: The water can be changed from the 2nd day after treatment. BILOCIL® has a strong effect and, as with any supplement, the recommended dose should not be exceeded. Animals weakened by disease may react more exceeded. Animals weakened by disease may react more sensitively.

Contra-indications and side-effects: BILOCIL® is a new product and is well tolerated. There are no known side effects. The aquarium keeper is encouraged to inform a veterinary surgeon or pharmacist and the manufacturer of any so far unknown side effect.

Target Species: Ornamental Fish. For animal treatment only. Do not use on animals intended for consumption.

Storage instructions and Disposal advice: Keep out of reach of children! Store in the original packaging and protect from light and heat, also store in a frost-free location. The supplement must not be used after the expiry date. BILOCIL® may stain if spilt. Shelf life after the immediate packaging has been opened for the first time: 12 months. Wash away product remainders with plenty of water. Dispose completely empty packaging in the household refuse.

Before using, please note that we provide the latest information on our product BILOCIL® and updated pack inserts for downloading on the internet sites and www.manaus- on the use of BILOCIL®.

This veterinary supplement is marketed in accordance with Schedule 6 of the Veterinary Supplement Regulations – Exemptions for small pet animals. Authorization number: 2115-FG.

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