Manaus-Aquarium Bilocil Sensitive


Manaus-Aquarium Bilocil Sensitive


Manaus-Aquarium Bilocil Sensitive is a supplement for freshwater fish.

Pharmaceutical form: Drug solution for adding to the aquarium water.

Composition of active ingredient per mg ml: N­[3­chloro­4­(4­chlorophenoxy)phenyl]­2­ hydroxy­3,5­diiodobenzamide 0.08, (RS)­2­ (Cyclohexylcarbonyl)­ 2,3,4,6,7,11b­hexahydro­ 1H­pyrazino [2,1­a]isochinolin­4­on 55

Pharmaceutical company: Manaus­Aquarium, Rügnerstrasse 73, D­64319 Pfungstadt, GERMANY

Applications: Manaus-Aquarium Bilocil Sensitive effectively tackled by Monogenea (Dactylogyrus, Gyrodactylus) worm infections caused on the skin and the gills of fish. Further acts against trematodes and cestodes Manaus-Aquarium Bilocil Sensitive in the intestine of fish. Manaus-Aquarium Bilocil Sensitive is a new drug was developed for discus. Through a treatment cycle with Manaus-Aquarium Bilocil Sensitive it is now possible to fish permanently rid of the parasites in fish farming. Monogenean infections are often responsible for mass mortality of young discus fish.

Disease symptoms: Signs of disease caused by parasites such as skin and gill flukes are abrasives and movements of objects on the floor of the aquarium. Gill flukes cause inter alia unilateral breathing (only one gill cover to move) and stülpen out of the mouth with a yawn similar to the human movement. Generally, sick fish provide a food intake, pinch together the fins and are scared. It is important to treat the fish as quickly as possible while recognizing the above symptoms, thus a further weakening of the animals is prevented by the parasites. Whenever possible, a microscopic examination are used for diagnosis.

Important! Manaus-Aquarium Bilocil Sensitive is well tolerated by all the fish, also Crustacea. Manaus-Aquarium Bilocil Sensitive may well be used in community aquariums with lots of different fish species. There are no studies about the safety in the treatment of freshwater stingrays (Potamotrygonidae) before.

Precautions: Manaus-Aquarium Bilocil Sensitive must not be used in combination with other drugs. If your fish have been previously treated with another drug, a large water change should be made prior to treatment. Pay attention to the quality of water in your tank and reduce regular water changes, the organic load of the aquarium water by chemical degradation products. Very dirty filters should be cleaned before treatment, let the filter of the aquarium during treatment ever! UV lamps must be switched off during treatment.

During treatment of the aquarium with Manaus-Aquarium Bilocil Sensitive shall not active filter media (eg, activated carbon, phosphate removers, etc.) are used in the filter to prevent interactions with bound pollutants. Ion exchange (eg for nitrate removal, etc.) during treatment with Manaus-Aquarium Bilocil Sensitive out of the water cycle of the aquarium to remove. As with all supplement treatments of ornamental fish in the aquarium immediately in case of complications related to discontinuation of treatment with a large Manaus-Aquarium Bilocil Sensitive water changes are made in the aquarium and the manufacturer will be informed.

Dosage and application: During treatment, the filter has run the aquarium and it has a good flow of water in the basin must be ensured so that the supplement can be optimally distributed in the aquarium. It is important that you dose Manaus-Aquarium Bilocil Sensitive right thing and know the size of your aquarium exactly.

For a rectangular pool: height(cm) x width(cm) x depth(cm) = Liters 1000. Ask for the volume of your aquarium with the manufacturer, if your aquarium is a particular shape (eg polygonal, curved windows, stones reduce the volume, etc.) that. The size of the treatment tank to fall below 40 liters capacity and not exceed 600 liters.

Manaus-Aquarium Bilocil Sensitive frees your fish within hours of the parasite. To keep your fish then permanently spared from the parasite, have to interrupt the chain propagation will be destroyed in the days after the first treatment, the still­ developing, mature, adult organisms. For this reason, Manaus-Aquarium Bilocil Sensitive be applied several times. Use the dosing of the pack included Manaus-Aquarium Bilocil Sensitive pipette and distribute the drug by stirring on the water surface.

For gill flukes (Dactylogyrus sp.) and intestinal worms such as tape and flukes (cestodes, trematodes digene), the treatment plan:

1. Day 1ml auf 20 liters aquariumwater 3. Day 1ml auf 20 liters aquariumwater 5. Day 1ml auf 20 liters aquariumwater

No water exchange between the treatments are carried out. After 7 days the treatment was completed and the aquarium should be 50% of the water is changed.

For skin flukes (Gyrodactylus sp.) ranges from a single treatment with Manaus-Aquarium Bilocil Sensitive. It is in this case be treated as follows:

1ml auf 20 liters aquariumwater

A water change can be from 2 Day will be carried out after treatment.

Manaus-Aquarium Bilocil Sensitive has a strong effect and may not like all drugs are dispensed.

Animals weakened by disease may be more sensitive. Contraindications and side effects: Manaus-Aquarium Bilocil Sensitive is a new product and is well tolerated. There are no known side effects.The ornamental fish holder is encouraged to communicate any previously unknown side effect of a veterinarian or pharmacist and the manufacturer.

Special warnings:

Keep away from children!
Do not use in animals intended for food use. Store in the original packaging and protect from light and heat, and frost.
Supplements should not be used beyond the expiration date.
Manaus-Aquarium Bilocil Sensitive can work coloring.

Please note that we provide the latest information about our product Manaus-Aquarium Bilocil Sensitive and updated patient information leaflets to download on the website and www.manaus­ for the application of Manaus-Aquarium Bilocil Sensitive ready.

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