Manaus-Aquarium Trichosal


Manaus-Aquarium Trichosal


Manaus-Aquarium TRICHOSAL® is for fresh water ornamental fishes

Pharmaceutical contractor: solution of active pharmaceutical ingredients to load water in aquariums.

Consistency of effective coponents mg pro ml: 7.7mg Kupfersulfat anhydrit, 2.6mg Ethacridin­ lactat, 0,37mg Acriflavin HCL, 0.1mg Methylrosa­ niliniumchlorid, 20μg Magnesiumsulfat heptahy­ drat

Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs: Manaus­Aquarium, Rügnerstrasse 73, D­64319 Pfungstadt / Germany.

Field of application: Very effectively TRICHOSAL® combats bacterial dermal infections and acromycosis of fishes, as well as “Hauttrüber”. Causative organisms are.

Symptoms: Causative organisms listed below might be symptoms for the disease mentioned above: Bacteria: White spots around the mouth, mouldered fins and dermal reddish ulcers. Acromycosis: Pale, like a piece of cotton wool looking formations on skin and clutch of the fishes. Hauttrüber: Velvety covering on the fish, very small pale spots on the skin and on the fins.

Preventive measures:
Don’t use TRICHOSAL® in combination with other supplement. If your fishes were treated with other supplement before, it is necessary to change the water before treatment.
Pay attention to the quality of the water and reduce the organic contamination by chemical decomposition products by changing the water of the aquarium.
Strongly polluted filters should be cleaned before the therapy. Filter and diffusers for oxygen supply should always stay in progress! Ultraviolet lamps have to be switched off during the therapy.
Do not make use of active filter media (for example active carbon, Phosphatentferner etc.) in filters during treatment, to avoid interactions with bonded interactive substances.
Remove the ion exchanger (for example for removal of nitrate etc.) during the therapy with TRICHOSAL®.
In case of complications stop the treatment with TRICHOSAL® and change the water – as usual when supplement ornamental fishes and inform the producer.
To be on the safe side, please remove apple snale and other special snales from the aquarium before starting the therapy with TRICHOSAL®.

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